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E-POWER / EP-X System

E-POWER / EP-X System

In F.lli Mauri S.p.A., we continue our journey of corporate responsibility in the areas of energy efficiency and environmental concerns. Last September, we completed the installation of the third E-POWER filter within our company.

The adoption of the E-POWER/EP-X system ensures benefits in terms of energy quality. This is achieved through the passive inductive filter with hybrid characteristics, which dynamically injects a series of electromagnet vectors in opposition to the phase of the energy flow, resulting in proportional voltage drops based on the selected filtering level. From this sophisticated energy injection system, the benefits undoubtedly relate to energy efficiency, with a reduction in system disturbances, thereby extending its operational life and improving the company's Power Quality.

Furthermore, the reduction in losses leads to savings on electricity consumption, even when the work execution remains the same, resulting in real and tangible economic savings. The most significant advantage is undoubtedly the environmental perspective, as all the electricity consumption saved by the inductive filter's operation leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 0.450 kg per kWh produced.

Today, F.lli Mauri S.p.A. has two 1,000 A modules at the Garlate production facility and one 500 A module at the Olginate logistics facility, creating an electric production park with exceptionally high energy efficiency. We strongly believe in contributing to our local community and the environment to pursue concrete goals of sustainable development. F.lli Mauri S.p.A. aims to achieve results that lead to significant energy savings and the optimization of power supply quality. This is why, for our corporate philosophy, E-Power is the winning solution.