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certificate ISO 14001

F.lli Mauri SpA also certifies its commitment to the environment

The journey towards Corporate Social Responsibility is an evolving process that involves various aspects of business life. Actions to be taken range from safety, innovation, social commitment, and the environment. From an environmental perspective, F.lli Mauri S.p.A. has achieved another important goal: the issuance of ISO 14001 certification by Bureau Veritas after a five-day audit. After obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 28000 certification, this additional recognition testifies to the company's commitment to increasingly diverse and complete sustainability objectives. "We obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification without any non-compliance during a long audit that considered regulatory aspects, applicative aspects, and internal procedures within the company," explains CEO Luca Mauri with satisfaction. He adds a reflection on the importance of this new achievement: "In this way, F.lli Mauri S.p.A. continues its regulatory growth path with the aim of achieving CSR within the next two years. CSR is a complex concept that can be summarized and simplified into the responsible management of all activities that can have a social, environmental, and ethical impact on society and the territory by companies of any sector and size." This definition, as can be easily understood, embraces any aspect of business life, starting from the impact derived from its own existence.

Therefore, achieving ISO 14001 certification is an important milestone, thanks also to the commitment of everyone involved in the company's life in any capacity. As Mauri emphasizes, "only with awareness of our actions can we make this company successful and resilient in the face of market difficulties."

Following the certification process first-hand is Giovanni Tavola, Process Engineer, who emphasizes how "this certification seals F.lli Mauri S.p.A.'s historic and constant commitment to environmental sustainability issues and attention to the impact of its production activities. A commitment that translates into a contribution, even in our small way, to leaving our children a less polluted world, but which can also be attributed to other positive outcomes." These include a growing focus on the conscious use of resources, full compliance with current environmental legislation, increased credibility of the company, and improvement of its image to the outside world, official demonstration of a reasoned and shared path of accountability, and increased awareness of environmental issues at all levels within the company. Not to mention that obtaining certification requires the implementation of a series of procedures and measures that make the company environmentally responsible. But that's not enough: one of the pillars of ISO 14001 is the commitment to continuous improvement, a useful encouragement for the company not to stop at the results achieved but to strive to find new ways to implement its green policies.

The goal is to aim for a significant reduction in its "Carbon footprint," the imprint that every human activity leaves on the environment around us.